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          Produced high-grade cotton ginning saw Blue Sword brand has become a well-known brand and a synonym for fine saw blade.
          The company saw advanced equipment, including open-tooth devices the most advanced red tooth machine, zigzag-distributed, non-small teeth pitch (or the tooth height) error of less than 0.05MM. From the plate into the factory to the finished product output all alone. Self-checking, inspection, final inspection and the number of working procedure quality testing to ensure product quality. Although the company only a few mid-history, but its main technical personnel engaged in the production saw nearly 20 years. Unique tooth type, blade-specific import of materials and production processes constitute the blade with both higher strength, hardness, toughness is definitely a good feature. Moisture seed cotton in 2003 to reach 18%, not down teeth, resulting from product reputation crane. Company has always maintained the stability of materials and production processes, consistency, from the need of alternative materials, it reliable and stable quality, so far, has not occurred in the quality of complaints and claims, its high quality and cost-effective by the majority of users continue to praise , the product sales rise year after year. Products have been the major cotton-producing regions across the country, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Xinjiang, built more than 60 sales outlets, the quality generally was well received. Since 2006, sales were more than 1 million. Some manufacturers seeking serrated toughness, ignoring the jagged intensity, resulting in down-tooth; some manufacturers to pursue high hardness, toughness ignore the jagged, resulting in jagged brittle fracture. Blue Sword brand blades reached a hardness, strength and toughness of a reasonable uniform, so that much higher than the general saw blade life. Blue Sword brand saw blade thickness, high flatness (90% or more of 0mm), to make installation quick and easy saw cylinder and to protect the ribs life expectancy, the Blue Sword brand saw another major attraction.
          φ406 Embossing can use a rolling quarter saw above;
          φ320 cotton ginning cotton gin saw blade in Handan 88-18 on the experiment, up to 5000 package (package weight :80-85kg, Location: Shandong Xiajin Time: 2002 November-December, moisture content: 12%).
          As the Blue Sword brand saw the rising reputation of the market began to appear a variety of counterfeit products, giving users with different levels of economic losses. Please understand the brand customers, identify blade on the mark and from the company's authorized point of sale purchase.
          The Company solemn promise: back down teeth, free of charge returned.
          The company is committed to high-quality cotton, machine parts production and development. In addition to continuing to promote high-end blades, the high-grade and high-grade cotton rib plate, the other kinds of high quality and excellent value cotton accessories will continue to inject the domestic market.
          Company production and development of foreign models cotton accessories, and gradually build export-oriented export-oriented economic enterprises.
          The company will continue the integrity of the operation, in order to Dehou customer. Each product will be in fine cotton, machine parts.

           copyright by 2009, Shandong Blue Sword Machinery Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserver
          Address: Jinan City Industrial Park Flyover Zone Yakuyama age 22, the headquarters base of the second district Tel :86-0531-62335526  Mob:8613969066225 Zip: 250032 E-mail: jnbluesword@163.com

          High precision and high life expectancy of imported materials

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